Sophomoric Slump (2015 Comp)

by 256 Pi

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Opus v84 AWESOME Mix of Jazz and Electronic. DAMN Great album. Can't wait for another. Favorite track: Cyber Cafe.
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2015 compilation

So throughout all of 2014, I created a total of one song (due mostly to my YouTube channel taking off, but also due to a pretty severe lack of musical ideas or motivation). In 2015, I was determined to make up for lost time and went to make 7 entire full sessions, the most I'd made in one year since 2008. One problem... I was out of practice and I wasn't making stuff I was particularly happy with, and I had a hard time taking my music seriously, meaning more than half of the music was just eh and a further 25% was just ripping itself. But there were still a good handful of songs that I was happy with despite it all, and so I've collected that handful here for my first actual album in over a year. (There may have been some tracks here and there that I was OK with that didn't make it here but I also wanted to make this feel more like an album than a messy compilation like my earlier stuff.)

Sessions that went into this album:
"Untitled Comeback" (Feb 23 2015, tracks 6 & 10)
"Leaning Blind" (Feb 29 2015, track 8)
"The Art of Meh" (Mar 4 2015, track 9)
"FREE SNACKS" (Apr 2 2015, tracks 5, 7, 11)
"The King's Crown" (Jul 30 2015, track 1)
"Aaaaaaagh!" (Aug 1 2015, track 4)
"Every Pen Went Out Of Ink" (Sep 18 2015, tracks 2 & 3)


released February 20, 2016




256 Pi Chicago, Illinois

My guess is that you know me for my YTPs or Wonky Angle reviews if anything, but I've been making music for far longer than I've been making videos. This is the place where I take my favorites from the music I've made and post it for people to listen to and maybe use in their videos if they really want. Hope you enjoy. ... more

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